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murdering his third wife kathleen savio. but, the guilty verdict isn't bringing the legal battles to an end. good afternoon. i'm dina bair. and i'm nancy loo. we welcome our viewers who are watching us around the country on wgn america and on the web. wgn's judy wang has more on how the defense and prosecution... are already looking ahead. while the defense prepares its
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appeal prosecutors are examining the case of stacy peterson to see if they can file charges in that case ... he will remain at the will county jail until sentencing while the prosecutors expressed confidence the jury will verdict will survive an appeal the defense has another story ... >>there are evidentiary issues we will appeal this and county court and go beyond ... 9 he was found guilty of murdering his third wife kathleen savio she was found in 2004 in a dry bathtub and the role the case an accidental drowning they took up the case again after the fourth wife stacy peterson disappeared in 2007 prosecutors presented a largely circumstantial case ...
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they had no evidence placing drew peterson inside the home of kathleen savio at the time of her murder ... the state's attorney says that he plans an aggressive review of the stacy peterson missing persons case ... we'll sit down with a team of attorneys to troubleshoot this and try to prove it beyond a reasonable doubt we will make that decision sometime in the near future ... the appellate court for the third district will be the site for the appeal ... and the defense says they may take it all the way to the united states supreme court ... the guilty verdict against peterson was hard to reach. there was one juror who struggled for hours to come to his decision. it was about a motive and whether or not he did it ...
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ron supalo, of bolingbrook said he was initially against convicting peterson. he said he had a difficult time with the "hearsay" testimony and his understanding of circumstantial evidence. but, after reviewing the case, he sided with the 11 other jurors... five hours into deliberations yesterday. supalo also explained why the jury coordinated their outfits in court. he sais it was purely "something to do" when days turned into weeks in the trial. kathleen savio's niece elizabeth, said she screamed and cried when she learned of the guilty verdict. >>it wasn't just my aunt ... her kids, our kids ... we are all split up the whole family it wasn't us that did that to them it was drew peterson ... she added she now wants to see justice for stacy peterson. drew peterson's attorney joel
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brodsky, says peterson's sons are hurt and broken-up over the conviction, and mad at the savio family. drew's and kathleen savio's oldest son, tom peterson posted a message on his facebook page: "i'm extremely disappointed." ...who do i have left? who do my siblings have left? ...the pastor, the lawyer my aunts, and all of my mom's friends who listened to my mother's pleas and didn't do anything about it. now she is dead, and you went forth to break the constitution to blame my dad." right after the verdict drew had his attorney pass on this message to his kids: >>they should keep doing well ... if they are we doing well and being successful drew peterson can take what ever comes his way and will be fine as long as his children are fine it's the most important thing to him ... the will county sheriff's office confirms several jurors in the drew peterson case will address the media this afternoon around 1 o'clock ... we will bring that to you live here on wgn tv as well as cltv, and stream on our
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website wgn tv dot com. police believe a bus picking up students on the city's far south side this morning was hit by gunfire. officers were called to our lady of guadalupe school just after 7:30 following reports of criminal damage to a bus. technicians took pictures of the damage from a bullet that went through one of the windows. police say the bus was hit as it was picking up children about two miles away from the school. authorities are still investigating but say neither the driver nor the students on the bus were injured. two students... including a 14 year-old boy... are in custody after gun shots were fired this morning inside a high school in central illinois. no one was injured in the shooting. police are treating the campus of normal community high school as a crime scene. classes have been dismissed and students have been taken to a church to be picked up by their parents. chicago teachers are poised to walk off the job on monday .... but negotiations are reportedly going well... with both sides trying to avert a strike. wgn's randi bellisomo reports.
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c t u officials tell us negotiations are progressing and that there has been significant movement ... the possibility of the strike remains however talks will continue through the weekend of necessary the president david vitale has said in an negotiations and because the talks are going well he is not at the table today he said all sides are enjoying cordial personal relationships they're being professional and working together c t u officials say that they're not fighting now about money but a better school day not just a longer one without provisions ... in class is where many religious leaders were praying for the kids to be monday they remain optimistic ... >>we believe the proposals on
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the table are responsive to the needs of the teachers and also responsible to the taxpayers and the children's education >>we don't want children back on the streets and vulnerable the school year safety time children are less likely to be shot in school ... what ever the teachers union and the city must do to get in the room lock the door do not come out just work it out a strike cannot be an option for the children ... the board is keeping the mayor aware of the progress ... it is not believe that the mayor will need to get personally involved ... president obama accepted his second nomination, and laid out his vision for the future on the closing night of the democratic national convention. wgn's frank holland reports from charlotte on reaction to the president's speech.
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>>four years ago the president's campaign slogan of hope and change energize the democrats and it was easy to understand this new campaign slogan of foreword is a bit harder members of the dnc was wondering about the message brought forth in the acceptance speech for the nomination >>he made a great speech we have a better picture are where we're heading ... >>he said it's not an easy change that would of been brought about instantly four years ago >>people believe there was more realism this time around the idea of the ford seem continues the hope and change ... he highlighted the passage of health care reforms the bailout of the auto industry in the end to the war in iraq ... he also spoke of the difficulties faced
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in the white house and how you struggle with difficulties when you are the president in making certain critical decisions ... >>this speech gave me a sense of where we're heading it gave me the belief that we will actually get there so for me it was an opportunity to look to the future i have three children and i believe my three children will be very well off if we can't elect a president obama again ... we have seen how the republicans get obstructionist ... the president is realistic and he still retains his idealism at the same time ... >>he gave an excellent speech on contrasting his vision with that of governor romney ... changes can not happen overnight we must continue to keep the faith and have opened what we're doing on the road to recovery ... people
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left emotional others were reflective as they left the convention the president will be back at the white house getting to business and he will hit the campaign trail once again the president will visit many colleges and universities in the run-up to the election he wants to reenergize that base of young voters who pushed him over the top for the 2000 election he will also come back to charlotte and make good on the rain check for those disappointed folks that could not get into the bank of america stadium last night ... the campaign has promised to come back to this queen city and make that up to the people
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according to twitter: at its peak, nearly 53,000 tweets per minute were sent out following the president's speech at the dnc. earlier this week, first lady, michelle obama saw more than 28,000 tweets per minute at the end of her speech. last week, at its height- mitt romney had about 14,000 tweets per minute, following his convention speech. coming up next.... police arrest two people in connection with a fatal hit and run accident near the stevenson. also ahead, prince harry arrives in afghanistan .... what his role will be during his second military deployment. and 130 years after her death mary todd lincoln gets put on trial over her sanity. ot sfilodour
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that's chuck norris approved. police have arrested two people in connection with a fatal hit and run crash on the city's south side. it happened at 4:30 this morning at the damen exit ramp of the stevenson expressway. police say the driver of the jeep laredo sped away after the crash. police later arrested him and another person. the victim.. who is believed to be in his 50's... died on the scene. authorities are still investigating the details surrounding the crash. no charges have been filed. a 22 month-old girl is in state custody after she was left alone for hours while her parents allegedly burglarized cars. 21 year-old eric harris and 22 year-old emeline vernillet were arrested in the 1100 block of valley stream drive on wednesday after a resident alerted police. harris and vernilett told officers they burglarized two cars and left their daughter alone at their home for about six hours. they are both being held on bond.
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french officials said today it's amazing a 7 year-old girl survived a shooting... that left her parents and two others dead. the girl was shot in the shoulder, while the others took bullets to the head. her 4 year-old sister hid under her mother's legs during the killings. the bodies were found in a car along a road in the alps. authorities are now searching for a green or dark colored four-by-four and a motorbike. britain's prince harry arrived in afghanistan this morning, for his econd military deployment there. harry is serving as an apache helicopter pilot. he will be stationed in the helmand province. the deployment comes one month after naked photos turned up of the prince, partying in las vegas. harry served in afghanistan four years ago. he was removed from the region after news of his deployment was leaked. 130 years after her death mary todd lincoln will be re-
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tried for insanity. the former first lady was declared insane, ten years after the assassination of abraham lincoln in 1865. during that time, she suffered depression due to her husband's death and the deaths of her two young children. today, historians disagree whether the evidence against her was "trumped up." they want to know what would happen if today's modernized healthcare laws were applied. starting in october, the illinois supreme court historic preservation commission and the lincoln museum will give mary todd lincoln a new trial. all involved with dress in period piece clothing.. yet argue their sides based on current law. former governor jim edgar will narrate the trial. just ahead: the company toying with the idea of competeing with pandora for internet radio customers. and, still to come this midday: why thousands of restaurant workers are suing the owner of
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their head company. and later in lunchbreak: the chef from vera wine bar is here with a sauteed chicken dish and a spicy side of salsa.
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i'm deborah kostroun live from the new york stock exchange with your bloomberg "on the money" report: u.s. job creation from august is weaker than expected ... 8.1 percent unemployment because fewer americans stopped looking for new employment ... some industries are reluctant to expand because of economic and political uncertainty unemployment in chicago was worse than the rest of the country is actually above the
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national average of 9.1% stocks fluctuating today because of the weaker jobs report the federal reserve might announce more stimulus to bolster the economy ... three restaurants are looking to take parent company garden restaurants to court they're arguing that the employees were not compensated for off the clock work and getting paid below minimum wage ... apple is in talks with record companies for the rights to license music for online radio services that are similar to that of internet radio giant pandora ... the regular sunday football schedule has not yet begun but the super bowl advertising is
12:21 pm
90% sold out ... 32nd slots are going for a record $3.7 million ... repeater appearances by all the big companies are expected next: we're learning all about the "day with dad" event this weekend during the white sox game. and later in sports: counting down to the bears' sunday home opener against the colts. ...and live music this midday from jim burns band! they're performing september 15th at the beethoven festival.
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we're learning all about the "day with dad" event this weekend at u.s. cellular field where the white sox take on the kansas city royals. quincy roseborough is a case manager and project leader with metropolitan family services. tell us about this event ...
12:25 pm
it's a chance for participants of our program to spend the day with their children may go on the field for a parade and it's a chance to raise money for our programs open to 18-35 men to get more engaged with their children ... we give parenting class as financial management training ... we of workshops and intensive case management to assist them in their involvement in their children's lives in finding employment themselves ... >>we are always hearing about the importance of a father or a father figure and a child's life
12:26 pm
how important are your programs in this way >>for the clients we serve it's very important you see what's happening around the city right now there is a lack of parenting what we would like to do is to make sure that parents are doing their jobs ... and we want to keep the kids off the streets and have them doing positive things ... >>we have a lot of problems with fatherless children as that situation improving? >>through our program some clients have made progress with their own children 60 percent have improved we are the only program that has that ability to give wraparound services to help fathers get more engaged ... >>how dangerous is it in some areas of chicago the influences
12:27 pm
of gangs are strong on the streets >>this program is important we feel we can make the impact directly through the parent. through this program we are having positive impact you'll see the results in years to come ... quincy, thanks so much for joining us. the day with dad event is this sunday afternoon, september 9th at 12:15, at u.s. cellular field. to learn more go to: metro family .org /dad still to come this midday .... jim ramsey has your full forecast. [ female announcer ] this is laura. laura's being healthy and chewing her multivitamin. introducing one-a-day vitacraves for women!
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lots of high-school football tonight it will be reigning ... >>we have a cold front approaching pushing through minnesota and wisconsin right now there will be some thunderstorms it will arrive in chicago at about 6:00 and it will continue off and on for three hours it's not the best time for outdoor activity but it can be salvageable if you are protected from the elements ... other storms are pushing down state right now ... the current temperature is 76 degrees that will not shift much over the next several hours the clouds are building ... the weekend
12:31 pm
looks marvelous with the cooler air pushing southward ... it's 76 right now at o'hare but all over the area it's very comfortable ... the wind has not been much of a factor in will pick up later today in advance of that storm that should develop mid to late afternoon cool air over the weekend will be followed by a punch of warm air coming from the west and an eight maybe nine days from now there will be another pocket of cold air coming into chicago that will drop this daytime high temperatures into the '70s ... the mold counts have been higher for a few days its high again today along with the grass pollen but there ragweed is
12:32 pm
moderate ... here's the line of storms that were watching: they are expected to build during the day there are passing showers developing well in advance late this afternoon probably during rush- hour expect rain ... we have some big thunderstorms in parts of central kansas if you are keeping up with hurricane leslie it as windhas been downsized and michael is still a category 2 hurricane neither storm well affect the u.s. mainland the national hurricane center is monitoring that gulf of mexico disturbance ... will keep a close watch on michael nonetheless ...
12:33 pm
saturday night it's possible we'll see brief showers not a major weather event. steps it looks like saturday sunday in the first part of the week will give us some beautiful days ... to the south of interstate 80 there could be some rainshowers there are storms predicted for central indiana ... and passing showers and thunderstorms will be working their way to the
12:34 pm
east ... there was a rip current advisory in lake michigan ... in the local forecast mostly cloudy this afternoon gusty wind high temperatures in the upper 70's showers and thunderstorms this evening tonight mostly cloudy skies after midnight we expect the storms to be moving out temperatures will be in the '50s low 60s by morning saturday will be a gorgeous day there is a chance of a sprinkle in the evening temperatures 68-70 degrees it will be much cooler with gusty winds expected sunday will be sunshine and
12:35 pm
comfortable temperatures about 77 degrees ... it's a great way to end the weekend. time now for today's trivia question: in which of these countries is spanish an official language? a. brazil b. portugal c. peru the answer is ahead in this hour of the wgn midday news.
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relief of occasional constipation. thanks. [ phillips' lady ] live the regular life. phillips'. time for sports: the bears kick off the regular season on the lake front in just two days, and besides a few minor injuries, they're ready for the colts. it's unclear if safety chris conte and punter adam podlesh will play. conte was limited in practice yesterday, while podlesh didn't even punt. brian urlacher was given the day off from practice yesterday but he still expects to play the entire game. his teammates are not concerned, and actually challenge the colts to attack the middle of the field. >>they can try but they will fail ... anyone who thinks that he will be a weak part of the defense ... he is a strong
12:39 pm
physical specimen he works hard he won't put himself in any position other than being on the field in shape the cubs trying to avoid a 4- game sweep in washington.... they're already down in the fifth, when coach jamie quirk and the nationals' third base coach yell at each other... the benchs clear and quirk gets ejected. next inning... lendy castillo throws inside to bryce harper... he doesn't like it so the benches clear again. this time things get physical... steve clevenger and manny corpas get ejected for the cubs. they go on to lose 9-2. the cubs were out-scored 31-9 in the series. they visit pittsburgh tonight. the sox were off yesterday and host the royals tonight. brian scalabrine is retiring from basketball, and returning to boston. he turned down tom thibodeau's offer to be an assistant coach for the bulls. instead he'll be a color analyst for the celtics, where he played for five years. scalabrine says it was a better choice for his family, and
12:40 pm
broadcasting jobs don't come around very often. olympic champion gabby douglas wowed crowds last night with her gymnastic talents ... but this time she was in the spotlight on stage. the 16 year-old performed at the mtv awards last night at the staples center alongside alicia keys singing "girl on fire." the gold medal gymnast posed for pictures with some of the leading ladies in pop music--- including rihanna... taylor swift and kate perry. douglas's side-kick's for the evening included the rest of team usa gymnast's. douglas tweeted: "'had so much fun tonight at the vma's with my girls!" that's a look at sports. your live illinois lottery drawing is next.
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here are the winning picked three numbers: 3 numbers: 0 6 6 here are the winning pick four numbers:
12:42 pm
3 7 3 8 the mega-millions drawing is $105 million this evening
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on the medical watch a new possible sign of alzheimer's disease washington university researchers say that when plaque begins to build in the early stages of the disease the sleep wake cycle is disrupted they believe that may be an early symptom of the mind of robbing disease and urge people to tell their doctors about sleep disturbances a rare form of autism could possibly be treated with a dietary supplement found in health food stores researchers identified gene mutations in the rare disease finding the mutations cause lower levels of certain amino acids in the blood researchers from yale university and also the university of california bred mice with the same gene mutations when there were given
12:46 pm
an amino acids they have fewer seizures and improved artisan symptoms the next step is to see whether supplements will do the same for people when meals are not the same weight gain is not for men and women women are more susceptible to the negative effects of fatty food the journal diabetes reveals the sad truth about the chemical reaction and females to reap fat the discovery could explain why women store fat in their abdomen more than men do experts say it's not just a sedentary lifestyle that leads to weight problems for women genetic factors play role as well so do not try to keep up
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in today's lunchbreak: a crispy chicken dish served with a spicy salsa verde. mark mendez is chef and owner of vera wine bar on west lake street in chicago. thank you for coming ... we are using a brick so that you can get that crispy skin. it looks as if you have read it to the chicken its crispy breaded the chicken and looks very crispy ... you need to start with a very hot frying pan. season the
12:50 pm
chicken with salt and pepper. you want to hear the sizzle. make sure that the chicken does not stick. you need to wrap a brick and aluminum foil will do the trick ... press the brick onto the chicken in the pamn this
12:51 pm
can also work on the grill ... once you have done as you will turn down the heat ... you may want eight minutes on each side you need to cook it longer on the scan sidkin side... a lot depends on the size of the chicken ... i have deboned this chicken. you can do this with a cornish hen. now to make the salsa:
12:52 pm
its amended to iranian's a mediterranean garlic capers anchovy.... smash everything. and some lemon juice. you can also use a food processor or a blender to this you should get some parsley fresh as best. a good amount of olive oil.
12:53 pm
medium grade is ok extroversion i.... extra virgin is always great ... it's not complicated ... you can add chilies or red
12:54 pm
pepper flakes to this salsa if you like some spice. wonderful. so simple. mark mendez, thanks so much for joining us. vera wine bar is located at 1023 west lake in chicago. for a recipe, or to watch the segmot sfilodour [ female announcer
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time now for the answer to today's trivia question we asked in which of these countries is a spanish an official language? the correct answer is peru brazil is a former portuguese territory where as in portugal itself portuguese is spoken
12:57 pm
it's not a great day to spend time outdoors it is dry and most areas ... we expect rain this evening ... the 7 day forecast has temperatures falling substantially tomorrow and then into sunday we've got a nice day but it will warmup be on that there's a chance of storms at the end of the seven day. as more cool air is expected to move into chicago we are not finished with the heat temperatures in the upper 80s are possible sometime next week but you should enjoy a great weekend ... after the rain that is ... stay with wgn for a special report will go live to will county in the next hour where several of the jurors in the drew peterson trial will speak at 1:00 p.m. and address the media will be streaming that on
12:58 pm
the web site ... but in the meantime ... the jimmy burns band is live in the studio....
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